13 Jun 2008

Don't be a "Monkey with the Tool"

A laptop is supposed to be such a useful thing. And if you are a programmer (or any steps higher in that order), it should mean a lot to you. These were exactly the reasons for grabbing my Compaq Presario V3225AU last year. I envisaged writing trillions of code, churning out the next killer utility application, getting on grasp with the latest technologies, keeping myself more organized etc. Another reason was my developing affection with digital photography & image-editing software like Gimp etc.

However nowadays I find myself succumbing to the "Information Overload" phenomena. Too much information & not sure where to start or how to begin. Of course we all know it starts with "one step at a time" and progresses on that way. That sounds good in theory. But many times when you are surfing or hunting for information, one tends to forget this important rule of thumb for learning anything.

Thats when I put up this wallpaper - a DeviantArt work (not my creation) - to remind myself not to get lost in the myriad treasures of the web or modern information delivery system. And it carries the message perfectly. To stop being a - "A monkey with the tool" !

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