17 Apr 2010

Book - Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen

Have been doing very less of reading nowadays. I had made it a recent policy to ignore any books that even remotely fits into the "self-help" bandwagon. Simply put and condensed, I have a one-liner for folks addicted to such books - "Keep that book away and get into the real thing - action!".

Anyway, one of my seniors picked up an extra copy of this book during a sales meet. Since then it had been resting on my bookshelf for a month and during a recent trip to Pune, I picked it along for an overnight reading.

And its real good. Especially so if you are an Indian. You will shake your head in agreement when the author starts of with describing earlier Indian entrepreneurial ventures as mostly "Jugaad" based. I love that term. Such an apt description of how we do things. We tweak them to suit our requirements and ignore the larger issues of what benefits may come our way if we were to put that little bit extra, if we were to think of the bigger and larger picture.

The author then cross-analyzes a case study of 11 such Indian ventures that have thought out of the box, acted daringly different and in the process created value for themselves and steered the industry towards new dimensions unheard of before. And all this was achieved in our country- while fighting the same existing system of dogmatic beliefs, chalta-hai attitude etc.

Give it a read when you can. It will challenge some of the existing thinking patterns within you.


  1. I've read this book last week. Really inspiring

  2. The Aravind Eye Hospital case-study was rlly gud 1. Shows that even in India, if u have d commitment it is possible 2 change d way things r done.