2 Feb 2005

Getting on the bus

Ah! So here I arrive on the blogging scene.

I started with LiveJournal about 6 months back but lost the blogging thread somewhere. And looking at the way the net is getting organised, it seems like you'll have to find a seperate service for each need - say Blogger for blogs, Flickr for photos, something else for comments and so on for the myriad of other needy net-essentials. ( Multiply almost takes care of all these - but I feel lazy just at the thought of moving around again to a new system ).

Another annoyance is that I keep wondering - What'd I be writing about !. Sometimes when I start up a topic, the perfectionist-alter-ego of mine thunders - "what'd u achieve blogging that thought ?" and me immediately obeys and scraps it aside.

Whatever.. hopefully the times ahead will provide enough fodder to keep "Surplus Thoughts" on the daily grind.. So for now, wishing myself "Happy Blogging".

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