23 May 2005

Picking up a beauty

Yippee! so I finally bought a digital camera. Should be one of the costliest purchases ever made.. But no looking back now.

In the previous post, I rambled about getting confused regarding which make & model to buy. I finally made my mind to give economic viability a higher ranking than form and functionality. And that made me choose the Canon A510. So all decided, I picked up money from the ATM & landed up at the store. T'was there that the trademark split-second decision change occured. They just didn't have a Canon A510 in stock. ( I had been to a grey dealer okai ;-) ).

My eyes wandered around the store & rested upon the Nikon 4500. Something told me this was the moment. The price was just a 1K more. ( Of course at the expense of 128 MB less memory ). But I had already fallen in love with that swivel model resting on the shelf.

And thats how I came out of the shop clutching my costliest purchase till date - a Nikon 4500. No regrets, no second thoughts. I'm gonna make the most of this one.


  1. Hey Man. I was with You when you bought your first & most expensive camera in your life...Guess, Whom am I?

  2. Come on ... come on - either Appa or Makiri - it has to be. I remember how i made u folks run around between Dadar & Fort ;-)