24 May 2007

2.5 years & counting

24th August 2005 - that's when I'd drafted the last blog. Phew - almost 2.5 years flew by like anything & I'd been in a slumber of sorts. Life raced by with so many stumbling blocks. 2.5 years back had you asked me - would life be like this ? I'd say - "Mine! No way".

Many lessons learned here. Primary - if you feel you are not going to fit into a round peg, then try not to. Don't try to fit yourself thinking of others, thinking of magnanimity and the belief of human compassion, believing you can set things in order when the time comes.

And as i see it, there are two ways of winning in life.
  • One - be so loving, considerate, generous & compassionate that anyone who tries to hurt you ends up reforming themselves. You stand as a beacon of virtuosity. At the cost of patience and time you win trust for life.
  • Second - be a robot for life, insist on living life by a set of robotic unbendable rules. Either you get what you want, or you snatch them. If you lose you try again. If you win you carry no sympathy for the lost one. Whatever - carry absolutely no guilt in mind & always convince yourself that what you did was the just and righteous thing to do.
If you try to fit yourself somewhere in between these two rules, thats the recipe for disaster. Thats where thou shalt keep wondering why life is dealing such a harsh pact with you.

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