21 May 2008

DLF IPL - An interesting effort in Indian Cricket

The DLF IPL cricket tournament is a brilliant effort and just at the right time. I mean why didn't the folks who govern cricket & make the various decisions (read BCCI) think of this in advance. Probably it took the 20-20 back-to-back victories India had, to let them sense the enormous opportunity created.

Anyway, its got em all hooked on to the game. All including women and kids alike - something unthinkable of in Test cricket. They suddenly have opinions on everything from why taking wickets early on matters to errant decisions given by umpires. And the matches are timed perfectly - the 7pm slot - coinciding with the time most folks leave office and arrive at home.

But suprisingly when it comes to the games themselves - established players have put in a dismal act. I mean look at the Royal Challengers struggling when they got such fine players. And as if an act of irony, the ads keep blaring "Jeetenge hum shaan se... ". Comeon folks - take off those ads. Air them next season!. Mumbai Indians though struggled badly in the first half of the game - now they seem to have picked up their spirits. My favourite at the start - the Delhi Daredevils - now seem to be dilly-dallying on the semi-final doorstep.

But that not withstanding, the 20-20 nature of the game makes it more interesting. And younger players like Rohit Sharma, Abhishek Nayar etc have put on a good act. More than not - its thrilling to see Indian players teaming up with their foreign counterparts, learning new tricks and sharpening their prowess. Look at what Shane Warne has done to a mediocre Rajasthan Royals team. Thats worth an MBA case-study in itself.

Hope someone did something magical like this to other Indian sports too.

Btw for those who at times cannot watch their favourite matches on TV because of work pressures (read IT folks), herez a nice link to an online scoreboard.

View latest live DLF IPL Scores

Its provided by The Times of India & suprisingly is better than the other online scoreboards that I could find. Its got a nice refresh script too.

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