12 May 2008

Of puppies & pastels

In between the daily hard-hitting by teams in the DLF IPL league matches, Vodafone has let loose the Hutch puppy again. After the Hutch acquisition, the puppy was replaced by dabs of red splashed all over. It was sad to see the Hutch ads go - especially since they were so creative, cute & elegant .

Now the puppy is back and in a nice way. No - they haven't turned it into a red puppy. Instead they have rechristened him as a friend. Its a welcome comeback. There's an overall puppy-feel to the ad with an interesting theme & nice music.

What i liked best about the ad is the colour palette used. Really interesting shades of pastels. Recently I'd been engrossed in understanding colours and effects of pastel shades and this ad really depicted some nice usage of pastels.


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