16 May 2008

If its good, it ought to be a Sreeni movie

Watching a "Sreenivasan" movie in between the countless flicks aired everyday is like finding a fountain in the midst of a desert.

As an actor he can spice up any movie - by just appearing in it. His genre of comedy - a sort of simple-self-slapstick style is something that appeals to every movie-goer. There have been countless occasions when I've gone for the remote but stopped short just because "Sreeni" enters the frame. Then I know - its gonna be something interesting.

As a writer/director, he has scripted such wonderful evergreen movies known for their simplistic and humorous portrayal of the vagaries of life. He never wanders from the theme - but equally important - also ensures that he doesn't bore you monotonously with the theme. His contribution to Malayalam cinema may not be enormous but definitely has been very impactful.

I often think & wish that such creative geniuses like him could extend their creativity beyond the reaches of malayalam cinema - probably give bollywood a taste of good storylines and original scripts. Recently it was to be heard that one of his works "Katha Parayumbol" is gonna be translated into a bollywood potboiler. Nice beginning - definitely more to come from this genius.

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