13 Aug 2008

"Live Wire" - An impromptu experimentation

The preceeding weekend was really interesting on the photography front. A very good friend requested me to do a small portfolio set for him. As is the case nowadays, I'm headlong into a lot of personal stuff. Stuff that keeps me busy both emotionally as well as mentally. At the same time I could not deny that request. Someone had requested me - it didnot happen till now - it was the other way round - I used to pester them to gimme a nice pose.

So I recharged the batteries & lugged along the camera on a Friday. Around noon the friend (I'll call him "Bade") came along & we decided to hop along a number of places and take a series of snaps. That done & we were just driving around the Pune - Mumbai highway when I noticed some huge cable rolls on the other side of the highway. It was drizzling heavily in Pune but the shade of red on those rolls were interesting & also the fact that they had a nice rustic look to it. Perfect photo prop material ! - my mind shouted out.

Bade refused to let himself drench in the rain for a snap. I managed to convince him - showing that I had an umbrella for handling that aspect. Still - not very convinced though - he parked the car, and we cautiously crossed the highway over to the other side - almost drenched in the rains - myself using the umbrella just to shield my camera.

The posing part was interesting too. Though Bade looks like a model - he hadn't got any prior modelling experience/confidence. Way-goers were now interested in what business two clowns were doing in the midst of these rains. Somehow I managed to shout some directions for poses. Bade improvised on it to some extent. I snapped some quick ones in various angles.

Back on the laptop - the rest was some vignetting, dodging and graining using Gimp. And finally when Bade had a look at the finished results - I think it was me who was more satisfied at a task well done.

Live Wire

That is something that happens when you go about taking snaps. The impromptu aspect of a situation sometimes brings about a creative quality that somehow - no amount of planning does.

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  1. Thats too good.. both of you should change your field!
    You get the best when you least expect it... I see, it applies to photography as well.