24 Sept 2008

Excuses for not buying one

With DSLR's becoming smaller & more within reach - most of my friends on Flickr have opted for these in favour of their compacts.

Well - for me - I think, I'll still stay put for some time with my existing Nikon4500. Apart from the financial angle & other pending tasks which are primary, I doubt if the DSLR will help improve the art of taking photos. Also I'd been fiddling with a DSLR sometime back (it belonged to a friend) and found it a bit cumbersome to handle. My compact with its twist-body is the most flexible on that note. It can capture headshots, side-snaps, elusive macros etc a- all without needing you to adopt yogic postures. In fact I sometimes desire for these new compacts that keep hitting the marketplace. Very convenient - Sleek enough to slide into your shirt pocket & equally fast when u wanna capture a moment.

On the art aspect - my observation had been that - photography is all about patience, dedication, creative thinking and guts. The last item might suprise many - but I find that important enough. You need to have the guts to take out the camera and shoot a moment without considering the environment. Thats where many of us fizz out. Its damn easy to spend hours trying to get the most creative view of a flower or capture yet another brilliant macro. But its difficult to capture that beggar on the street and his state of apathy with your conscience constantly pricking at you. Conquer that and you'll have snaps that make the world sit-n-admire.

So for now I'll just sit and admire the works in Flickr, until they come up with a lighter. pocketable version of a DSLR.


  1. I completely agree with you. But I think lets not delay the passion for the sake of size and weight to be carried.
    By the time pocket size DSLRs are made the passion fire might low down a bit.

  2. It is not necessary that you should adopt yogic postures to use a dSLR, my friend. There are certain advantages in a dSLR. It has a bigger CCD and it doesn't have the shutter-lag. You will start loving it if you start using it(wholeheartedly). But I agree with your point regarding the portability.
    Compacts also have their own advantages like portability, macro,
    wider aperture(generally 2 or 2.8), very long focal length range