15 Feb 2009

Humming a vintage tune

The other day having nothing much to do in particular (but drink coffee in plenty), I fired up the laptop and went through a few audio cd's that a friend had lent me about a year back. There were some really amazing Rolling Stones compilations amongst which I almost bumped into a vintage track.

Long back (when digital tapes ruled the days), I had this cassette titled "Disco Beats" that was my sole collection of English Audio. So for anyone coming over my house, I'd play it over and over till they got bored. And there was this one track that I loved everytime. It featured a funky fusion of eclectic disco beats and rock stuff with nice vocal pitching. But down the line as hindi music started getting of age - i don't remember when that cassette was discarded and forgotten too.

Now disco isn't something that catches the fancy of the current generation music-evangelists. Its more of rock, jazz and razzmatazz that the new generation prefers to collect. So when I bumped into track 255 - "Heart Of Glass", it was amazing to hear that old disco track from earlier days. I must say one should hear this track to appreciate the richness of the music. Okai its a bit repetitive - but most of modern music is repetitive too.

So give it an ear on a day when you have nothing much to do and wanna hear a different track for change.

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