18 May 2009

Buggya scores one here

Sometimes its nice to hear outright comments about your personality. And that what "Buggya" did last week. He had been visiting my blog for quite a few months and last week made an interesting comment that indeed made some sense.

Oh first I should introduce "Buggya". Well, tough to describe but then he'z just like most of us. However what differentiates him from us mortals is that Buggya has this tendency to probe deep into finding atleast one fault in anything that you throw at him. I mention the word "atleast". However rest assured that Buggya will exceed your expectations here.

So you tell Buggya that - "The sky is blue today". And Buggya will respond back - "Why do you feel that the sky is blue today". You tell him that its evident from the colour. To which Buggya will ask you to explain the rationale behind identifying the sky as a shade of blue colour rather than any other color. At this very juncture any sane person should back out of this discussion but if you are like me, you'd throw that caution to the wind and launch a lecture on the scattering of light and its impact on the blue wavelength of light spectrum and so on. Buggya simply will listen to all that and in the end dismiss it as crap!. You get the same feeling as in a chess game when you have smartly inched your pawn across all difficulties to the opposite end of the board only to find the white bishop knocking him off at the very end.

So coming to the comment that Buggya made. He said "Your blog doesn't reflect your personality. Your blog puts you across as a very smart-n-ideal guy whereas in actuality you are the normal guy cracking jokes in office & nowhere anything like the blog guy."

Now, usually I don't take Buggya's responses with any amount of seriousness but here Buggya had really spoken with good observation. It indeed appears to be true. I may speak about idealism and my posts may reveal an analytic attitude but then therez a long way to go from where I stand to where the "blog guy" stands. And Buggya's comment just reminded me to bridge that gap. Hmmm - another entry to make in that "TODO" list. Its really becoming longer day-by-day ;-)


  1. Mr.Buggya said it. Everyone needs an opportunity or a platform to represent the ideal side of self.
    If this ideal side drives someone then your efforts are paid off. Someday it will drive self as well.

  2. From what I understand, you are like that...always bit reserved about your personality and thats what reflects in your blogs :) Even this one is not different, you made an attempt but something is missing. Sometimes we are afraid to open up our true selves in public, with a fear that we will be judged...
    Then there are other bloggers with whom one feels immediately connected through their writings, even if far apart or never met.
    You want to keep your blogs informative and formal...its your eshtyle :)

  3. Its difficult to connect with the writer. Total cold writing.

  4. Now thats interesting. A writer. Eh! Hope the guest had suggested some warm writing tips ;-)