4 May 2009

A new gadget - The LG KP199

LG KP199 PhoneCalling it a gadget would be a misnomer. It’s just a simple mobile phone that I procured last week. The LG KP199. This time the decision process was albeit easy. Needed a phone with good battery backup, FM Radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth and support for external memory card. This one supports all of these plus the battery backup is amazing. And it came at a lovely price – 4300 INR. Aha that’s value for money. Threw in a 2GB card for an extra 600 INR.

The features & specifications aside, some of the positives and negatives that I can say about this model are

Plus Points
  • Damn good battery life. (Easily ignore charging for a week).
  • Speedy Bluetooth (File transfers are really fast).
  • Charges through USB (Just connect to your PC/laptop for charging).
  • Decent looks, Lightweight, Sleek design and form size.
  • Call Recording.
  • Scheduled/Manual FM recording (though I may hardly use this feature).
  • Scheduled Switch On/Switch Off settings.
Minus Points
  • Average screen (atleast they should have reduced the text fontsize a bit)
  • VGA camera (okay it’s decent and comes with video recording too but doesn’t satisfy the snapper in me).
  • Bluetooth keeps asking for permission for all transfers (even after pairing).
  • Can't set an external ringtone for messages.
  • Java system if okay but not great
  • The MP3 player doesn’t recurse through subdirectories. So your huge collection of MP3’s need to be copied flat into the “My Music” folder.
  • The PC Suite supplied with it is pathetic. It provides nothing but a rudimentary phonebook editor. LG needs to improve the software.
I was wondering how LG managed to pack such an offering in the specified price bracket and then I had the answer. This one seemingly uses the MTK6226 for its CPU. MTK6226 is the chip from Mediatek that provides for onboard audio, video & gprs support with good power optimization. In fact this is what majority of the better-known Chinese phones in the market use as their core baseband engine. Even the source code for Chinese phones using the MTK6226 is available online (if you know where and how to search).

Well for now I feel it will be interesting to attempt writing a better phone suite for the LG KP199. Shouldn’t be a tough proposition. A decent USB sniffing tool and a better understanding of libusb should definitely assist here. Marking it as a project for later.

Anyway, with this acquisition I let go of my old trusty Motorola E398, the sturdy piece with a very active modding community. Hope the KP199 leaves up to its predecessor (atleast in terms of the shocks and jolts suffered ;-).


  1. Nice phone.. does it support .wma audio format ? Is the bass good ?

  2. Where can I download PC Suite software. No CD is included with phone package. Please help !!

  3. You can find PC Suite here - http://www.lgmobiles.com/PCsync/PhoneSuite.zip
    The zip also contains the USB drivers for LG, which you may have to install first.

  4. Well, I've not tried all of these but the specifications say that it supports MP3, eAAC+, WMA & WAV formats. Oh and I suppose that since it can record in AMR format it should be able to playback the same format too ;-)
    I dumped my collection of MP3's into the phone and there are a few ones that it doesn't play. Dunno if its a bit rate problem.

  5. Quite informative article. Especially about the processor information. I doubt whether anyone indulges in this depth while purchasing one.

    Call recording facility is the best one I picked up through it. I hope it plays back with same clarity.

  6. hello!
    Could author of this article help with source code for Chinese phones using the MTK6226?
    or may be say where and how to find this.
    sorry for bad english.

  7. Well, you can essentially start here - http://en.pudn.com/downloads100/doc/comm/detail408092_en.html and search your way forward for MTK6226 documents and source code.

  8. Hey Buddy, Thanks for the tips mentioned here i could backup my contacts Very easily.. God Bless u

  9. hey where can find its pc suite for net connection