18 Aug 2009

A time to retrospect

Phew ... August has just flown by (Okai - technically its still mid August). Somehow there is this nagging thing about August that makes it fly by faster than most other months. And this August has been quite eventful till now. ( some travel mixed with lots of pending stuff, eccentric rainfall, weak health outlook and a lot of other un-inspiring stuff)

Mid-August just set off an alarm somewhere in the back of my head and on closer inspection realised that it comes from here. Had mentally made a note to take a status call in August on where I stand on the resolutions. Well, the outlook as of now looks quite bearish. Line item 2 has been fairly satisfactory but the other two line items haven't met the mark. So, like a good personal coach, its now time to retune things and set up a revised agenda focussing on the deviant items. And track them again mid-september.

Apart from this, there is another item that springs to mind. Its this one. Time to really reduce the information overload (call it white noise) and focus on the classical way (read books - one thing at a time thing).

It should be as simple as that, with 4 more months to go - its time to jet-speed to achieving these simple resolutions. Then there is this project idea (more of this later) with a colleague that really needs to be boot-started the right way. Till now its been more of an "arm-chair" idea. Taking it beyond this stage also accounts in the 4 month goals. That should introduce a bit of team-collaboration in the equation.

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