20 Oct 2009

Putting functionality first

Read this blog post (http://blogs.msdn.com/nickmalik/archive/2007/10/09/the-culture-of-art-vs-the-culture-of-engineering.aspx) the other day and couldn’t help but agree with the author.

IT never seems to be satisfied with its never ending quest for better frameworks. Instead of learning to use a framework or system to its fullest potential – we keep building new ones to solve specific problems. Loosely said - instead of trying to solve a problem we try to develop a new framework to solve the problem and wrap the framework around words like scalable, extensible, robust etc. Next time when the problem recurs in a new way – we build a new framework to replace the earlier one.

What is needed for a developer today is the patience to LEARN, SPEND time understanding things in detail and focusing on the problem to be solved – not idealizing the way to solve it. Functionality should be delivered first and Elegance can come later. Indeed that is exactly what we have been contemplating when we missed the schedule for a web based initiative.

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