8 Dec 2009

Nice turn of events

Had been wanting to do it for quite some time - roll up my sleeves and get back to good old programming tasks.

There is something really good about programming that I haven't yet found when doing anything else. The mind is streamlined and focused on a particular task. It might be that nagging bit of code that's just not behaving the way you want but that keeps your mind riveted to the task and makes you think in more ways than one - the optimization of the code, the cleanliness of the code, the elegance of the algorithm used and so on.

So just a day back, for a client-specific presentation deck we needed some Alfresco snapshots and for the same I ended up installing and configuring Alfresco and its WCM pack. Well didn't write any code but still it felt nice to burn some grey cells figuring out why MySql wasn't booting up properly or what connector was missing in the startup sequence. I finally nailed it around midnight and got the required screenshots.

The interesting part is that it seems to have put me back in the groove, installing and experimenting with utilities and code. Nice development and I gotta ensure that it continues in full swing and doesn't fizz out like other initatives.


  1. belated happy birth day my friend , bhagwan ap ko lambi programing de,
    send me your family photos man.

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....