24 Jan 2010

Starting out - 2010

Ah - the first post for 2010! Really the year has started on a very tight schedule. Wouldn't use the word "tight" considering the number of activities stacked up but mostly considering the way they have been stacked up and the way I've been handling them. That's another reason this post comes pretty late in Jan.

For starters I picked up a new gadget (a mobile) towards the end of 2009. The Samsung Corby GT B5310 is a good mobile on the surface. Its got a fine assortment of features with a touchscreen but scratch beneath the surface and it has yet not managed to appease the tech freak in me. It seems to have everything from a touchscreen to WIFI to GPS. However the depth of feature implementation has been sadly lacking. For eg - even with a GPS unit and a 3 MP camera, it provides no support for "Geotagging". Samsung engineers should have accounted for this "not too tough to implement" feature. Another sad feature is the incompatibility with most of my favourite Java games. The touch screen and J2ME implementation seem locked up some way making it tougher to work with old J2ME apps. Whatever, I'm hopefully expecting a firmware update to add some features.

On the blog front, tried to revamp the blog look with a new template - but then in between work chores ended up deleting a nicely framed template and so had to do with a simple look for 2010. Anyway intend to work on a new template once am a bit free. 

And regarding the resolutions - well some of last year's still carry on ;-) and I'd better stick to finishing em off rather than raising some new ones.


  1. I have the Samsung Corby and I feel its better than the costly but limited features provided by Nokia mobiles.

  2. Probably you should read the user manual in depth ;-)