17 Sept 2010

Ganeshotsav 2010

 Ganeshotsav has always been an attraction in Pune. The 10 day festival starting on Ananth Chaturdashi is a mammoth festive event in Maharashtra thanks to efforts from leaders like Lokmanya Tilak in the past. 

The festival celebrations in Pune have always enthralled the masses due to the right mix of religous fervour and social awakening. Various mandals dotting every nook and corner of the city put up giant Ganesha Pandals, performing aarti with the accompaniment of religous hymns and songs. Later the pandals would also showcase skits from religious epics, social messages, drama etc. Then came the era of electronic wizardry and all Ganesh pandals were replete with amazing lighting demonstrations and coloured light patterns swinging to the tune of music. Crowds all over on the roads and choc-a-bloc traffic was the norm then. During college days - we (bunch of friends) used to throng out all night visiting one pandal after another to offer our darshan & also to see what was new and innovative.

Things seem to have changed lately. The blasts in Mumbai and heightened security during religious events seem to have dampened the Punekar's enthusiasm for wandering out and visiting the famous Ganesha mandals. Also noise pollution curbs and energy conservation initiatives have also put a limit to mandal events. This year - similar to last year - I could notice a significant lower number of crowds and a general lack of excitement as before. Thankfully the festive spirit still counts in people's hearts. That's what matters most - isn't it ?


  1. Kya baat kar raha hai yaar - Pune ka GaneshUtsav toh bahut famous hai !

  2. Agreed boss - I was remarking that this time the enthu was a bit lacking.