11 Apr 2011

On writing & breaks

Its easier to start a blog and drop in the first 10 posts - but finding conscious subjects to write on & keeping up the pace is the most challenging aspect. This is one area one needs to consider early on when doing anything. How you'd plan to attack boredom and fatigue once you are into your chosen activity path.

The fallacy with blogging is that if you take a break, you suddenly find it more & more difficult to identify a subject to write on. Hence the need to keep continuing at a constant rhythm - to never get stuck in the inertia of rest.

For the last few months, it wasn't a dearth of subjects to scribble upon - but a general lethargy of sorts. Part driven by some events but mostly driven by boredom. However - picking up from this state is a small victory in itself. So raising a toast to a good start. And thanks to all the friends who still visit and drop in an occasional comment.

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