5 Sept 2012

Broken - but back

" If something can go wrong, it will " - seems to be some adage of Murphy's law. Heard that over and over again but never realized the significance of it. Till it hit me hard last month.

Of course am not to blame. How could one possibly fathom out a connection between "getting a new phone" and "losing all the images on your blog". I never guessed out that connection till it was established, and establish it did in a very hard hitting manner. The end result as you can see is that I have lost all the images on the blog posts till date.

If you have not yet got the connection between the phone and the deleted images, I welcome you to my IQ club while I proceed to explain the chain of events connecting them.

I got an android phone about a month back and the first thing to do was setup a Google account on the phone. And lo ! google started syncing all my contacts and calendar details to my phone. Great. In fact, it also synced my picasa albums to my phone. I hadn't yet got a new memory card and so I felt I'll conserve some space by removing the albums for now and sync them later when I get the card. No sooner had this idea hit my mind, I hit the delete button, no warning was thrown and all the albums were deleted from the phone gallery. So far fine.. Slick n Quick.

Except that when I visited my blog a few days later, all images were missing. I felt it was some network issue but the same problem cropped up next day as well. Its then that the whole sequence dawned upon on me !! Blogger stores these images in some temporary picasa album. And when I deleted the images from phone, they even got deleted from my Picasa album and thus from my blog. What crap !!! Why the hell didnt Google think of this usability use-case - was the first thought that stuck me in my irrational anger.

But then I checked the Google forums and realised that there have been others like me who have made this mistake. Great .. so I have company. Nothing more to do than start back again. Probably over a period of time I may update some of the old images again. With a lesson to take a backup of the blog in some way or the other.

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