12 Dec 2012

Touch - goes the camera

Though the detailed reviews are yet to come, Samsung's consolidation of the camera with the android platform (Galaxy Camera) is a clever logical move. The rumors had long been coming in. And of course the first product in this stable might not win the critics outright. But look at it this way. At the end of the day what do most of the compact camera segment users do with their snaps .. share them !. The android platform enriches exactly that experience. So its a match that had to be made. Smart thinking Samsung !.

For traditional camera manufacturers, while they are still busy figuring out how to balance the mirrorless threat with the investments they have made in SLR space, comes this paradigm changer. As if camera phones weren't enough threat for them, need to see how the Nikon's and Canon's will respond to this turf changing shift.

Though it is not as technically groundbreaking as the Lytro Cam, there is no doubt that it will start a revolution that will see camera manufacturers break away from the megapixels affliction and move on to the apps bandwagon.

For the photography enthusiast however, who still loves the compositional freedom of the DSLR and loves to tweak his/her images to perfection before sharing.. its not something to worry about. 

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