11 Jun 2008

Keeping the shutter pressed

Its been quite some time since I last picked up the camera. I got it repaired this March in a bout of inspired activism. Had planned to restart the photography hobby which I almost left after the camera zoom switch broke on my Hangzhou trip. However its June right now and apart from spending around 1.5K fixing up the zoom rocker switch, snapping a mosquito coil design & some silly snaps of cooker-emitting-steam etc, nothing inspiring has happened as yet.

And I don't think that I'm alone here. It so happens that we pick up that spark of photography only to lose it in the pursuit of day-to-day activities. Many of us come to the point when we start losing interest in the hobby of "capturing that moment in time". Of course for the true aficionado, it doesn't matter at all. Come the next rains or come the next visit to the Flickr Explore page & you are driven back to your camera with a renewed zeal.

Sometimes even your past collections can inspire you. Just yesterday I was browsing through the archives (Picasa does an excellent job here) when i spotted some photos that i had never appreciated earlier. But surprisingly they seemed perfect now. A little crop here or a little color correction there and that old snap transforms into something nice. This snap below was picked up in this manner.

The lone backpacker

So the need for the occasion is some way to keep yourself hooked on to this lovely hobby whether it be behind the shutter or in front of "The Gimp". To keep your creative engines well-oiled and ready for the moments when inspiration & activism strike simultaneously.


  1. This happens to even the best amongst us. I'm a hobbyist like you. Bought a NikonD40 last summer. After the initial frenzy of clicking some flowers, I hardly use it now. In fact even during some family trips we prefer to use a compact p&S we had earlier. Btw, your snaps are really good.

  2. There lies the difference. Whither u picked up photography just for fun or with a passion to excel.