28 Aug 2008

The guy with an appetite

Food dreams... Mmmm... Since last month, I'd been really craving for some yummy mallu bites. The eclectic taste of sambar with rice & pappadums coupled with memories of having kappa with fish curry came flooding down one fine evening making the impulse almost impossible to resist.

Mumbai was definitely better in this aspect. The fort area had some really nice mallu joints like "Hotel Fountain Plaza", "Deluxe" etc. The latter was my favourite haunt. Saturday lunch in office during those days meant swooping down with friends at "Deluxe" and trying out a combination of everything - from rice plate on plantain leaves to exotic fish fry preparations.

But Pune was/is different. Not much of a choice here. Re-phrasing - not much in my database. "Southern Spice" on Dhole Patil Road is already well-known. I usually pay a weekend visit there to satisy my appetite. But it may not appeal to the budget-consious. I've heard that there are some nice joints near Pimpri but then will have to do some research here ( If someone has done so already - do drop me a note ).

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