9 Jan 2009

Anything can change - Nothing is permanent

The recent fiasco rocking the corporate corridors in India has literally reinforced this. For me - it indeed came as a very big surprise.

Here was a company that I respected immensely. On one of my past projects I'd had the honour of working in close collaboration with Satyam employees and I'd found them to be immensely talented on the technical front as well as blessed with a drive to deliver the best solution on most projects. In fact, the organization and its policies were also better compared to its peers. On the web technology and integration front, I think they almost led the Indian IT bandwagon.

And today its most distressing to hear of such a talent pool suffering silently for no fault of theirs. I still hope and have the belief that Satyam will come out of this crisis and re-establish itself. It should!. The media and stock market pundits should stop pounding this one as a crisis and aggravate things further (though some might argue that there is nothing left to aggravate further). And the employees really need to keep their cool and stop panicking. In fact every IT organization worth its weight in salt knows that Satyam employees are a value proposition but employees should refrain from jumping ship in this moment when the organization most needs them. (I know its easier to say - but keeping faith might help)

Also, the government has to ignore the stock market bickerings and look at helping out the company in its hour of crisis. That does not mean - not acting against the wrong-doers. The law must take its own course but the company, employees & the business value must not suffer as a result. This is also the time when the other Indian corporates should actually demonstrate some solidarity and try to help out in whatever way they can. Right now - all they are doing is sitting on the sidelines and watching a worthy competitor get decimated.

On a personal front, this incident should remind each one of us that in life - nothing comes with a guarantee. So while you need to deliver your best - you should always be mentally prepared for the worst !

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