6 Jan 2009

Bluetooth Woes

In recent times, one technology that I feel had the potential but still remains underused is "Bluetooth". If you have both a mobile and a laptop with bluetooth, then you are one step closer to your dream of connected devices remaining in sync at all times. Although right now, all it is largely used for, is for bluetooth headsets

The one thing I feel missing from the equation is lack of proper software to utilize bluetooth technology. My Motorola E398 (yeah I still hang around with that trusty old mobile) supports bluetooth and so does my Acer 4530 (running Vista). Sadly even though vista detects a bluetooth headset profile - I can't get any headset features working on the laptop. I'd have loved if the mobile could blare my collection of MP3's onto the laptop speakers. It might be some driver problem or probably a problem with the Vista bluetooth stack but haven't been able to fix this one so far.

That apart, I've been able to get net connection working and even create a personal network connection with my friend's laptop(which boasts of a broadband connection).

It seems technology growth is actually limiting the extent to which we try out improvising an already existing technology. So while bluetooth was just maturing, "WiFi" came up and stole the bandwagon. And now it seems time is ripe for "WiMax".

Another factor against bluetooth is the high price that some of the bluetooth devices command. Buying a good stereo bluetooth headset in India, that can work with your mobile as well as your laptop, can almost set you back by around 4K. I feel it is not priced right. It has a scope for going much lower.

Anyway I've decided to give a hand downloading some Bluetooth API guides / alternative Bluetooth Stacks and see if I can come up with something interesting.

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  1. I think you really drill into the optimistic use of available technologies.

    While many people pose the advanced gadgets just for status and mindless chatters purpose. Dont think they really use it.