2 Jan 2009

Looking forward - 2009

It's usually when the clock chimes midnight that the wishes comes in. But this year, my mobile being down during that slot, it wasn't until next day that the goodwill messages arrived.

A queer thing I've observed is that New Year Wishes have wings. Or to put it more aptly - "guts". I mean, doesn't it take someone guts to wish me - you'll be happy and prosperous and all your dreams will be realised and so on. While the key to all of this rests with me. I can make their wishes come true or fall flat ;-).

Another thing thats synonymous with New Year is "resolutions". Everyone expects you to make them - if not anytime else - atleast at the start of the New Year. So I had a lot of wishes coming in with the customary epilogue - "So what are your resolutions ?". A more reasonable (but unpopular) question I'd be asking is - "How many of 2008 resolutions did you achieve ?"

Well - to be honest, I won't deny, I succumbed to the temptation and did make some resolutions. Unlike previous years - where it was hidden behind wraps - this year I intend to share it & revisit it at times. Broadly they go like this.

  1. Act immediately on whatever planned or thought upon.
  2. Regularity on the blog & journal front.
  3. Tighten control on eating and exercise moderately but regularly.

So there it goes - public and open to scrutiny. You can ping me & check up the status anytime ;-)

[ Psst : Isn't number 3 tough - especially the first clause. Considering that nowadays wherever I look - eatables seem to have become yummier ;-). ]

That apart, 2008 I would regard as a year that taught me the importance of having good friends around & 2009 would be the year I'd look forward to solidify them & share more rapport with others.

So far, so defined - looking forward to face the best that 2009 has to offer !

1 comment :

  1. Hello man..
    Well the picture of ticking up the years was wonderful.
    It requires great determination to publish the resolutions.
    All best wishes to you for 2009 !