26 May 2009

App Engine turning reaaaally wicked

Google App EngineHow the hell did I miss this one! Definitely I’m growing older ;-)

Google App Engine now supports Java. (though right now a bit experimental & only for early-adopters)

This is great news for all hobbyist Java developers who were half-way through that “Learn Python” book. Now I have nothing against Python. In fact many of my “Pythonian” friends have convinced me that it is indeed a beautiful language. However my 9.30 pm python learning sessions mostly end up as snoring sessions, and actually I end up sleeping more peacefully than otherwise.

GAE supporting Java is yet another killer combination from the Google stables. Definitely, it will drive GAE adoption much more than ever before.

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  1. Super da. Nice one. Thanks for letting me know. In that way, I am growing older than you.