17 Jun 2009

Two cars, poles apart

News has just trickled in that the Fiat "Grande Punto" has been launched in India. I've always been a fan of the Fiat Palio, a car I admire for its designer styling and versatile engine. Now the Punto comes as a welcome addition to this lineage. The pricing also seems to be just appropriate - 3.99 to 6.5 L across the range of petrol and diesel versions. Enough to counter the Maruti Swifts & Hyundai i10's that currently dot the Indian roads. Its too early to comment on the features but knowing Fiat - it would definitely be some VFM.

Just hardly some weeks back was the Honda "jazz" unveiled. However the pricing sucks. Agreed that the car has a lot of safety features thrown in but that doesn't justify a price of around 7.5 L for a hatchback.
Wake up Honda. You are selling in India - not Japan ! You need to go the Hyundai way to make an inroad in this segment. Or atleast the Fiat way.

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