28 Jun 2009

Build zooming presentations online

Since web2.0 came onto the scene, there has been a sea change in the way applications look and behave. Just looking at the myriad of new applications and offerings that are entirely browser based is enough to either perk you up or demoralise you as a programmer (Its the way you look at it).

No wonder that the latest one on the scene just rocks !!. So you believe you are a whizkid in Powerpoint. You believe you can create the slickest and most stylish of presentations. Well then this new service is just for you. Check out Prezi (www.prezi.com) a new way of creating presentations - a zooming editor ( is what they humbly tend to call the service).

The showcase applications are mind-blowing. Just check out say the AIESEC example or any of the other applications on their showcase. You might as well signup and start building your own presentations. The only thing your require is a browser (I recommend Firefox) and of course - some creative skills.

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