4 Sept 2009

Enjoying Onam 2009

For the past few days I've been on an enjoying spree. Back in my hometown far removed from the hustle bustle of a metro city. And for no other reason than the fact that its Onam. The time to celebrate, enjoy, eat a lot (no kidding) and visit all near and dear ones. And its about time - For long, I'd really been missing out on a proper family get-together of sorts.

Though the marketing brochures may speak volumes about Onam being a harvest festival and the legend of King Mahabali and so on... Onam for me symbolises just the essence of celebrating life and togetherness.

As I write this entry, sitting on the verandah in my lovely little village town, listening to the crickets chirping in the background - I can hear strains from the loudspeaker blaring commentary about an Onam sports event in progress at the local temple. Folks in colourful attire and enthusiastic little children throng the village temple during this event. Can't help oberving the devout nature of people, even kids. Watch them at the local temple, paying obeisance before the gods and you can see the seriousness on their faces and gauge the depth of their devotion. Faith is a part of their daily lifestyle and blended into everything they do - even work. No wonder - they work so efficiently, whether in the fields, in their classrooms or in their kitchens.

Life is so very simple and uncomplicated over here - no running after goals and targets - no immediate deadlines to hurry about - nothing much to worry about. The pace has remained like this in the past and I wish this village and these people remain as such, unspoilt and beautiful for ages to come.

And I hope I can be here every year at this time of the year, enjoying this essence of simplicity in life.

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