21 Sept 2009

Short thought - Enterprise IT planning

The other day, I was supposed to be an active and contributing member on one of the discussions on an enterprise scale project for an XYZ organization. I did attend the meeting except for the fact that I wasn't terribly active over there. The reason - a disconnect between what I envisaged and what was being discussed over there. So all I did was shake my head and murmur a sign of approval at times.

Sometimes it amuses me as to how much folks would pay for a piece of technology that connects two things in a grandiose manner instead of having something simple that connects them equally nicely. The excuse - ability to change, adapt, transform and accommodate future needs is often used to introduce bloat under the garb of planning for tomorrow.

Here I'd like to reinforce that I'm still a "nuts & bolts" guy who hasn't yet go the true halo of Enterprise IT architecture circling around his head. So my blabbering should be taken with utmost caution, especially if the reader happens to mingle amongst the "who's who of who" of the corporate world where SOA's and ESB's and BPM's get discussed & analysed daily.

Still, experience has at time taught me that all the frameworks that rule the roost today are gonna be obsolete tomorrow. It is wiser to build something functional and expect it to operate decently and capable of handling change for the next 5 years rather than spend a fortune investing on the latest integration technology that will seamlessly provide a middleware lasting for the next 20 years.

Sigh .. Its a pleasure nowadays when some sensible technical architect interrupts a long winding discussion with a - "why can't we do it simply like this" and goes on to sketch out a simple architecture instead of the more typical enterprise elephant'ish architecture.

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