29 Sept 2009

Vote for scarlett

During a journey last weekend, the gentlemen sitting by my side got engrossed in an interesting discussion. Well its started from wine tasting but boiled down to the essentials... grapes. They spoke at length on the desirability of green grapes, its cultivation etc. Though I was a mute entity during their discussions.. I'd like to put it here that I totally disagree with them. I've never been a great connoisseur of green grapes. They tend to taste a bit monotonous every time I bite into them. And a bit too acidic for my tastes too.

Well, I can go on and on blaming em but fact is that I'm speaking comparatively. Actually its their colored cousin who steals the topic of merit here. Scarlett grapes (or black grapes) have what I would rightly put - a touch of character and originality. These are the ones with embedded seeds unlike the derived green variety which is seedless.

Just a bite can tell the difference. Scarlett grapes have a distinct flavor that's just the right tinge of 90% sweetness laced with 10 % sourness. And it gets delectably enjoyable as the bite progresses to the center of the grape. Green grapes on the other hand have a drowsy sweet taste. Eat a dozen of em and you experience a lazy feeling seeping through you.

Scarlet GrapesWell - its your take as to which one you prefer. As a tribute to the scarlett ones though, I managed a snap before enjoying them on a sunny afternoon. May their tribe increase.

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