29 Mar 2010

A summer splash

Last month was a hectic one. Not in terms of the actual work but more in terms of juggling the multiple task-list items without screwing up all of em.

So, naturally it was a welcome break to take a day off and be back home for the village festivities. And what better way to beat the summer heat and chill out than take a splash in the nearby river. So here's a rare pic of yours truly trying out some aqua-aerobics and enjoying it too.

One good feature of mobile cameras is that they are there when you need em most. That explains why I've not been posting much of snaps nowadays. Till the time I zero down on a decent DSLR, I've decided to go snapping the mobile way. That above snap is one such capture. Though not crystal-clear, it captures the essence of the moment. Many more to come in this space.

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