30 Mar 2010

Capturing the summer rains

As a photography nut, capturing the Indian rain in all elegance is something that I haven't yet done properly. Have found the task is challenging in two aspects - (A)  the actual capture of rain as we see it on the streets and (B) capturing the intensity and varied nature of the rains.

(A) is difficult as a two-dimensional snap of the rains often gets washed out in auto-exposure trickeries. What the photographer then has to resort to is subjective captures like showing rain-drops hitting a puddle on the street or showing people drenched in the rains.

(B) is also difficult as rains come down in various moods. Some come lashing down with intermittent thunderstorms while others fall more delicately just drenching the area around.

Yesterday while at my hometown, unexpectedly the rains stuck. It was much deserved considering the sweltering summer heat. And in accordance with Murphy, I didn't have my camera around. So the best I could manage is a mobile snap of the rains.

 In hindsight, this snap seems to be better reflective of the rains than the ones captured with my digital camera.

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