12 Apr 2010

Cityscapes - Pune

Every city has its own unique identity of cultures, patterns, eccentricities etc. Last week, was in Pune for some personal work and decided to capture some of the the more familiar sightings in the city. Some things that we once always identified with Pune.

Neera ( pronounced Nira ) - the ubiquitous Puneri thirst-quencher. Now available at 10 bucks per phull glass.

Amrut-tulya chai - Pune needs to apply for a patent here.Its the Puneri equivalent of tea brewn with passion, devotion and some age-old peshwa formula.

 Puneri Misal- Misal is a dish that seems to change flavour from place to place. You'll always find it on the Puneri menu. And some claim that the Puneri misal is the best.

 Masked entities - The fairer ones in Pune consider it a sacrosanct practice never to be seen without their headgear. The plausible explanation is pollution but there seem to be better motives ;-).

Of course, these should not be taken as a representative picture of the city. Pune nowadays has a vibrant and youthful crowd. Enter any of the malls like Central etc and you'll see what I mean. I'll be chipping in with more captures on subsequent visits.

Captured with a mobile, these are not dot on quality but just random idyllic travel captures.


  1. Reminds of Pune days...thanks for posting this! Awaiting the remaining photos...