17 Jun 2010

CityScapes - Dubai

Forgot to post off this one.  This is what happens when you leave things undone for later.

So while it was travel chaos in most of the airports around Europe and US in the month of April, I touched base in a new city with the afternoon sun shining up a bit too harsh than it usually does in India at this time.

If you ask me what weird connection exists between an unpronounceable volcano ( Eyjafjallaj√∂kul ) exploding and a modern city like Dubai,  you'll realise it first-hand when you stand in the Dubai Airport immigration queue for what seemed like ages. It seemed passengers from the whole of Europe and American continents were stranded in Dubai. Just right before me in the queue were a Danish couple expressing romantic antics and enjoying their bit of travel adventure. They looked absolutely dishevelled and down to rags (probably fashion) but nonetheless still looked happy.

It took me around 2 hours to clear the immigration hassles and drive down to Bur Dubai where I was put up. The next three days were spent in enjoying the Arabian architectural marvels and of course gorging over cheap delicacies in the various Mallu outlets all over the place. It helped that every second person I met seemed to be a Mallu - so communication wasn't a problem at all.

I'd been for a technical training but again due to the volcano disrupted travel plans, the trainer ended up serving the training over the web. That meant more time for sight-seeing rather than work.

Architecture is something that defines Dubai ( I've not been to other places with such architectural landmarks). Whether it be the Al Burj or the Jumeria hotel or the Artificial Ski within Emirates Mall, its the best and classiest in its category. 

People seem to be pretty friendly too and I managed to strike a chord with a couple of Moroccan friends in office.

And again it brings to mind a fact which I often remind friends when they express remarks about various places - "Judge a place only after you have personally visited it".

If I have to recap my 5 days in Dubai - I'd sum it up as primarily a tourist destination . Of course it has its due share in the UAE financial empire but it still remains the most progressive and modern of all the emirate states.

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