3 May 2010

Making the most of a bookstore

Captured a little bookworm at Landmark last weekend. Unmindful of people walking here and there confused about which book to pick up (including my humble self), she was determined to complete reading her favorite "TinTin" series.

Actually makes sense as these comics come along at a pretty prohibitive price and you won't even find em in town libraries. Now, isn't that one smart kiddie !

That also reminds me of a friend who was such a comic book buff (even I'm to some extent - but then he had no defined extents) . Together we used to scourge the book corner right outside Churchgate station looking for best value deals. His love for comics cut across characters - Phantom, Mandrake, TinTin and even the Indian variants like Chacha Choudhary, Naagraj, Bhokaal etc. Sometimes we would find him laughing all by himself in the company of his beloved comics. That was damn puzzling considering the fact that he held an MBA degree and worked in an MNC Bank as a loan recovery manager. For us it was tough to picture how the same guy dealt ruthlessly with clients in office. We even codenamed him "TinTin" considering his affection for the comic strips.

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