21 Jul 2011

Removing SanDisk drive software

I got a SanDisk 16 Gb drive (courtesy gift from a friend) sometime back and its has been of great help to lug along applications, backup archives and portable OS'es. I have a bootable version of Ubuntu loaded on the same for those days when the Laptop refuses to boot decently into Windows and I need quick access to files.

One of the things that irked me is the U3 software thats supplied with these drives. In the span of 2 years I have hardly ever used this feature. I carry portable versions of most applications on the drive and hence donot need this application at all. The U3 CD drive also loads up on every new windows machine.

Yesterday came across this godsend tool to remove U3 application from the drive and save up on some additional space (Howsoever meagre it may be). Anyone who needs to do the same can download the tool from SanDisk Site here (http://u3.sandisk.com/launchpadremoval.htm). Just need to run the tool with your USB plugged in (and please ensure that you have backed up data on your USB drive beforehand).

So simple ...

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