13 Aug 2011

Traffic woes of a developing nation

With the current state of infrastructure in our metros, its really puzzling whether we should bracket ourselves in the underdeveloped, developed or developing nation category. Take the state of roads. For the last 10 years roads in our country (atleast in metros) are in various states of construction. While new roadways, flyovers crop up, the existing ones are pothole ridden to a state of utter despair.

While i was in Mumbai last month - this state of utter chaos on roads made me wonder whether the taxpayers (mine) money is being utilized effectively. Having navigated NCR-Delhi's arterial roads yesterday, it was absolutely exasperating.Such a sheer waste of time.


I wonder how the government can expect citizens to be productive with such pathetic infrastructure services.  While there were serpentine queues of angry cars yelling honking and even bumper grazing - not a single traffic policeman was seen to be around or controlling the situation ( I must admit - in Mumbai atleast i saw the traffic police trying their best to facilitate the traffic mess due to flyover building etc). But in our capital city traffic management seems to be in a state of utter mess.

Citizens should really stand with the Anna's of today to ensure that the government is accountable to these services it offers to its citizens who have duly elected them to govern the nation and steer it towards the path of growth rather than remain complacent about these growing irregularities.

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  1. I don't blame the civic bodies .
    Why concentrate on cities(so called metros) ? Shift to B towns , make them the economic hub . Use the Gujrat model , where they made gandhinagar as capital . This has resulted in equi distribution of load .